Centralized coordinated intelligent traffic signal controller

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1. Intelligent traffic signal controller is an intelligent networking coordination equipment used for traffic signal control of road turnouts. The equipment can be used for traffic signal control of dry T-junctions, intersections, multiple turnouts, sections and ramps.

2. The intelligent traffic signal controller can run a variety of different control modes, and can intelligently switch between various control modes. In case of unrecoverable failure of the signal, it can also be degraded according to the priority level.

3. For the annunciator with networking status, when the network status is abnormal or the center is different, it can also automatically downgrade the specified control mode according to the parameters.

Electrical performance and parameters of equipment

Technical Parameters

AC voltage input


working temperature


relative humidity


insulation resistance


Overall power consumption

<30W(No load)

Centralized coordinated intelligent traffic signal controller1

Product functions and technical features

Product Functions And Features

1. signal output adopts phase system;

2. the annunciator adopts 32-bit processor with embedded structure and runs embedded Linux operating system without cooling fan;

3. maximum 96 channels (32 phases) of traffic signal output, standard 48 channels (16 phases);

4. it has a maximum of 48 detection signal inputs and 16 ground induction coil inputs as standard; Vehicle detector or 16-32 ground induction coil with external 16-32 channel switching value output; 16 channel serial port type detector input can be expanded;

5. it has a 10 / 100M adaptive Ethernet interface, which can be used for configuration and networking;

6. it has one RS232 interface, which can be used for configuration and networking;

7. it has 1 channel of RS485 signal output, which can be used for countdown data communication;

8. it has local manual control function, which can realize local stepping, red and yellow flashing on all sides;

9. it has perpetual calendar time, and the time error is less than 2S / day;

10. provide no less than 8 pedestrian button input interfaces;

11. it has a variety of time period priorities, with a total of 32 time base configurations;

12. it shall be configured with no less than 24 time periods every day;

13. optional traffic flow statistics cycle, which can store traffic flow data of no less than 15 days;

14. scheme configuration with no less than 16 stages;

15. it has manual operation log, which can store no less than 1000 manual operation records;

16. voltage detection error < 5V, resolution IV;

temperature detection error < 3 ℃, resolution 1 ℃;

Centralized coordinated intelligent traffic signal controller2

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