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Qixiang Traffic Equipment Co., Ltd.


Qixiang Traffic Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Guoji industrial zone in the north of Yangzhou city, Jiangsu province,China. At present, the company has developed a variety of signal lights of different shapes and colors, and has the characteristics of high brightness, beautiful appearance, light weight and anti-aging. It can be used for both ordinary light sources and diode light sources. After being put on the market, it has received unanimous praise from users and is an ideal product for the replacement of signal lights. And successfully launched a series of products such as electronic police.
We will continue to believe in integrity and service as the foundation. Providing better and better services to customers and laying a solid foundation for the development of the company.

Our History

The company was established in 1996, join this new industrial zone in 2008. Now we have more than 200 people, R & D Personal 2 people, engineer 5 people, QC 4 people, International trade department: 16 people, sales department(china): 12 people. So far we has over ten patent technologies. The Qixiang lamp series and solar powered lamps have been widely used in the industry.

The company was founded in 1996

Joined the new industrial zone in 2008


Now we have more than 200 people


So far we has over ten patent technologies.

Company Culture


Focus on the challenges and pressures that customers are concerned about, provide competitive lighting solutions and services, and continue to create maximum value for customers and the lowest total cost of ownership.


Committed to becoming the preferred supplier of road lighting products and helping the development of the global road lighting industry.



Dedication. Inheritance. Responsibility. Respect. Integrity. Pragmatism



Our Service

Service Desk

Our service desk is always at your service. For any requests for information and technical assistance.

Traffic Engineering

We provide support for resolving any traffic issues, time, crossing time, traffic analysis, etc.

Project Technical Support

Experience and expertise to solve any problems in the application field of traffic lights for you.

Technical Course

We are willing to provide the latest technical guidance for installers etc.


We accept OEM/ODM, please provide your customized needs as much as you like.


We can provide design traffic light solutions until you are satisfied.

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