Networked intelligent traffic signal controller

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Product functions and technical features

Product Functions And Features

1. embedded central control system, which works more stably and reliably;

2. the whole machine adopts modular design to facilitate maintenance;

3. input voltage AC110V and AC220V can be compatible through switch switching;

4. use RS-232 or LAN interface to network and communicate with the center;

5. normal day and holiday operation schemes can be set, and 24 working hours can be set for each scheme;

6. up to 32 working menus, which can be called at any time;

7. the flashing on and off status of each green signal lamp can be set, and the flashing time can be adjusted;

8. yellow flashing or light off at night can be set;

9. in the running state, the current running time can be modified immediately;

10. it has the control functions of manual full red, yellow flashing, stepping, phase skipping and remote control (optional);

11. hardware fault detection (red light failure, green light on detection) function, degraded to yellow flashing state in case of fault, and cut off the power supply of red light and green light (optional);

12. the output part adopts zero crossing detection technology, and the state change is to switch under the AC zero crossing state, making the drive more safe and reliable;

13. each output has an independent lightning protection circuit;

14. it has the function of installation test, which can test and confirm the installation correctness of each lamp during the installation of intersection signal lights;

15. customers can backup and restore the default menu No. 30;

16.the setting software on the computer can be operated offline, and the scheme data can be saved on the computer and can be tested.

Networked intelligent traffic signal controller2
Networked intelligent traffic signal controller1

Electrical performance and parameters of equipment

Tochnical Parameters

working voltage


The working voltage can be switched by switch

working frequency


no-load power


Clock error

Annual error < 2.5 minutes

Rated load power of the whole machine


Rated driving current of each circuit


Surge withstand impulse current of each circuit


Maximum number of independent output channels


Maximum number of independent output phases


Number of menus available

User settable menu

(timing scheme in operation phase)


The maximum number of steps that can be set per menu


Maximum number of periods that can be set per day


Running time setting range of each single step


All red transition time setting range


Yellow light transition time setting range


working temperature


Green flash setting range


relative humidity


Save setting scheme (in case of power failure)

≥ 10 years

Integrated box size


Independent box size


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