Solar LED Traffic Light

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The Solar Led Traffic Warning Light is composed of solar panel, battery packs, control system, LED display components, and pole. Compared with ordinary signal lights, it is more environmentally friendly and saves electricity.

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Product Introduction

This kind of Solar Led Traffic Warning Light is composed of solar panels, battery packs, control systems, LED display components, and poles.

Solar system configuration list
Product Product details Specifications, models, parameters, and configuration Quantity
Complete configuration of solar signal light Poles 6.3m+6m Signal light pole pieces, octagonal pole. The height of the main pole is 6.3 meters, the diameter is 220/280mm, the thickness is 6mm, the bottom flange is 500*18mm, 8 30*50 waist-shaped holes are evenly distributed, the diagonal center distance is 400mm, with M24 bolts, one bolt corresponds to the cantilever, Cantilever length is 6 meters, diameter 90/200mm, thickness 4mm, flange 350*16mm, rods are hot-dip galvanized and sprayed 4
Embedded parts 8-M24-400-1200 4
Full-screen light 403 full-screen lamp, lamp panel diameter 400mm, red, yellow, and green split screen display, one screen and one color, aluminum shell, vertical installation, including L-shaped bracket 4
Solar panel One 150W polycrystalline solar panel 4
Solar panel bracket Customized brackets according to actual requirements 4
Gel battery One 12V150AH gel battery 4
Solar wireless signal controller Take an intersection as a unit, each is 1 master and 3 slaves 1
Wireless signal controller hanging box According to actual requirements 4
  Solar system remote control The solar system remote control can work continuously for 3 rainy days when fully charged according to the configuration requirements  

Product Parameters

Working voltage: DC-24V
The light emitting surface diameter: 300mm, 400mm Power:≤5W
Continuous working time: φ300mm lamp≥15 days φ400mm lamp≥10 days
Visual range: φ300mm lamp≥500m φ400mm lamp≥800m
Relative humidity: <95%



Company Qualification

traffic light certificate


Q1: What's your warranty policy?
All of our traffic light warranty is 2 years. The controller system warranty is 5 years.

Q2: Can I print my own brand logo on your product?
OEM orders are highly welcome. Please send us the details of your logo color, logo position, user manual, and box design (if you have any) before you send us an inquiry. In this way, we can offer you the most accurate answer at the first time.

Q3: Are your products certified?
CE, RoHS, ISO9001: 2008 and EN 12368 standards.

Q4: What is the Ingress Protection grade of your signals?
All traffic light sets are IP54 and LED modules are IP65. Traffic countdown signals in cold-rolled iron are IP54.

Our Service

1. For all your inquires we will reply you in detail within 12 hours.

2. Well-trained and experienced staffs to answer your inquires in fluent English.

3. We offer OEM services.

4. Free design according to your needs.

5. Free replacement within the warranty period-free shipping!


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