Octagonal Cantilever Signal Lamp Pole

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The monitoring pole has a round octagonal structure, and the octagonal tapered rod has no distortion or distortion as a whole.

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Product description

The monitoring pole has a round octagonal structure, and the octagonal tapered rod has no distortion or distortion as a whole. Standard roundness of rod body 1.0mm≤. The surface of the rod body is smooth and consistent with no transverse welds. The blade scratch test (25 × 25mm square) has strong adhesion of the sprayed layer and does not peel off easily. Seal the vertical pole and wrap the top with waterproof gas to enter, and the waterproof and internal leakage measures are reliable.

Height: 6000mm ~ 6800mm

Arm length: 3000mm ~ 17000mm

The main rod anise: wall thickness 5mm ~ 10mm

Bar star anise: wall thickness 4mm ~ 8mm

The rod body is galvanized, 20 years without rusting

(surface or spray, color optional)

The lamp surface diameter: diameter of 300mm or

400mm diameter

Color: red (620-625) and green (504-508) and

yellow (590-595)

Power supply: 187 V to 253 V, 50Hz

Rated power: single lamp < 20W

The service life of light source: > 50000 hours

The temperature of the environment: -40 to +80


Protection grade: IP54

Composition structure editing

1. Basic structure: Road traffic signal poles and sign poles should be composed of uprights, connecting flanges, modeling arms, mounting flanges and embedded steel structures.

2. The vertical pole or horizontal support arm adopts straight seam steel pipe or seamless steel pipe; the connecting end of the vertical pole and horizontal support arm adopts the same steel pipe as the horizontal arm, which is protected by welding reinforcement plates; the vertical pole and foundation adopt the flange plate and embedded Bolt connection, welding reinforced plate protection; the connection between the horizontal arm and the end of the pole is flanged, and welded reinforced plate protection;

3. All welding seams of the pole and its main components should meet the requirements of the standard, the surface should be smooth and smooth, the welding should be smooth, smooth, firm and reliable, without defects such as porosity, welding slag, virtual welding and missing welding.

4. The pole and its main components have lightning protection function. The non-charged metal of the lamp is integrated, and it is connected to the ground wire through the ground bolt on the shell.

5. The pole and its main components should be equipped with reliable grounding devices, and the grounding resistance should be ≤10 ohms.

6. Wind resistance: 45kg / mh.

7. Appearance treatment: hot-dip galvanizing and spraying after pickling and phosphating.

8. Traffic signal pole appearance: equal diameter, cone shape, variable diameter, square tube, frame.

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Production Process

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