Traffic Lights Are Not Set Casually


Traffic lights are an important part of traffic signals and the fundamental language of road traffic. Traffic lights consist of red lights (not allowed to pass), green lights (marked for permission), and yellow lights (marked warnings). Divided into: motor vehicle signal lights, non-motor vehicle signal lights, pedestrian crossing signal lights, lane signal lights, direction indicator lights, bright light signal lights, road and railway plane crossing signal lights.
Road traffic lights are a category of traffic safety products. They are an important tool for strengthening road traffic management, reducing traffic accidents, improving road utilization efficiency, and improving traffic conditions. It is suitable for crossroads such as cross and T-shaped, and is controlled by the road traffic signal control machine to assist vehicles and pedestrians to pass safely and orderly.
The types of traffic lights mainly include: motorway signal lights, pedestrian crossing signal lights (ie traffic lights), non-motor vehicle signal lights, direction indicator lights, mobile traffic lights, solar lights, signal lights, toll booths.

Post time: Jun-16-2019