Traffic light traffic rules

In our living city, traffic lights can be seen everywhere. Traffic lights, known as artifacts that can change traffic conditions, are an important part of traffic safety. Its application can greatly reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents, ease traffic conditions, and provide great help for traffic safety. When cars and pedestrians encounter traffic lights, they must follow its traffic rules. So do you know what the traffic light rules are?

General rules for traffic lights:

1. In order to strengthen urban traffic management, facilitate traffic transportation, maintain traffic safety, and meet the needs of national economic construction, these rules are formulated.

2. Personnel of agencies, military, organizations, enterprises, schools, vehicle drivers, citizens, and all personnel who temporarily travel to and from the city must abide by these rules and obey the command of the traffic police.

3. The vehicle management personnel and passengers of the agencies, military, organizations, enterprises, schools and other departments are not allowed to force or connive the drivers to violate these rules.

4. In the case of situations not stipulated in these rules, vehicles and pedestrians must pass under the principle of not hindering traffic safety.

5. Driving vehicles, chasing or riding livestock, must travel on the right side of the road.

6. Without the consent of the local public security bureau, it is not allowed to occupy sidewalks, roadways or other activities that obstruct traffic.

7. At the intersection of the railway and the street, safety facilities such as guardrails must be installed.

Traffic light traffic light rules:

1. When the intersection is a disc traffic light indicating traffic:

When encountering a red light, the car cannot go straight or turn left, but it can turn right to pass;

When encountering a green light, the car can go straight, or turn left and right.

2. When the intersection is indicated by the direction indicator (arrow light):

When the direction light is green, it is the direction that can be driven;

When the turn signal is red, it is not allowed to drive in the direction.

The above are some of the rules for traffic lights. It is worth noting that when the green light of the traffic light is on, vehicles are allowed to pass, but the turning vehicles must not hinder the passing of the pedestrians who are going straight; when the yellow light is on, if the vehicle has crossed the stop line, it can continue to pass; red. When the light is on, traffic is prohibited.

Post time: Apr-27-2022