The role of traffic barriers

Traffic guardrails occupy an important position in traffic engineering. With the improvement of traffic engineering quality standards, all construction parties pay special attention to the appearance quality of guardrails. The quality of the project and the accuracy of the geometric dimensions directly affect the overall image of the project, so the quality requirements are very high.
The traffic guardrail is the finishing project of the expressway, and it is also an important part of the appearance quality of the expressway. The functions of traffic barriers are:
1. It is to prevent the vehicle from rushing out of the road and causing a rollover accident, especially the traffic guardrails set at the bends and dangerous roads in the mountainous area. For motor vehicle drivers, it can attract sufficient attention from a distance, so that they can increase their vigilance. When passing, it can also guide the driver’s sight to help him operate correctly.
2. It can prevent the frontal conflict of the opposite car, and at the same time can prevent the same car from rubbing and hanging.
3. It can prevent vehicles from colliding with pedestrians, prevent pedestrians from crossing the road at will, and prevent the occurrence of traffic accidents.
The internal quality of the guardrail depends on the raw materials and the processing process, and its appearance quality depends on the construction process, so we must constantly sum up experience, strengthen construction management, and ensure the appearance quality of the guardrail. In order to ensure the operational efficiency of the road and ensure the safety of the road, how to strengthen the strength of the guardrail, improve the quality of the guardrail, and what kind of new technology to use in the collision avoidance of the guardrail has become the direction of research and development by the traffic facility manufacturers.

Post time: Jan-14-2022
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