The Necessity Of Traffic Lights In The Present Life


With the advancement of society,the development of the economy,the acceleration of urbanization,and the growing demand for cars by citizens,the number of motor vehicles has increased dramatically,which has led to increasingly serious traffic problems: traffic congestion and even congestion,frequent traffic accidents. The air and noise pollution is serious,and the efficiency of the public transportation system is reduced.
There are generally two ways to solve this problem. One is road building and bridge building. This is the most direct way to improve road traffic conditions,but it requires huge capital investment,and the other is in existing road traffic. Under the conditions,traffic control and handling are carried out to give full play to the capacity of existing roads. Many facts have proved the effectiveness of this approach.
The complexity and variety of modern road traffic is often associated with several or dozens or even hundreds of intersections. In this case,any experienced traffic police can't do anything. Therefore,people are paying more and more attention to the use of advanced scientific skills for traffic management,and then promote the continuous development of automatic traffic control skills. At this time,traffic lights are particularly important!

Post time: May-30-2019