The function of solar traffic lights

With the continuous development of society, many things have become very intelligent, from the carriage to the present car, from the flying pigeon to the present smart phone, all the work is gradually producing changes and changes. Of course, People’s Daily traffic is also changing, the forward traffic signal light has gradually changed to solar traffic signal light, solar traffic signal light can be useful through the solar energy to store electricity, will not cause the city’s entire traffic network paralysis due to power failure. What are the specific functions of solar lights?

1. When the light is turned off in the daytime, the system is in a sleeping state and wakes up automatically at a regular time to measure the ambient brightness and battery voltage and determine whether it should enter another state.

2. After dark, flashing lights, solar traffic light LED brightness slowly changes according to breathing mode. Like the macbook breath lamp, inhale for 1.5 seconds (gradually brightening up), exhale for 1.5 seconds (gradually dying off), pause, then inhale and exhale.

3. In the case of a lack of electricity in solar traffic lights, if there is sunlight, it will automatically charge.

4. Automatic monitoring of lithium battery voltage. When it is lower than 3.5V, the system will be in power shortage state, and the system will sleep and wake up periodically to monitor whether it can be charged.

5. In the charging state, if the sun disappears before the battery is fully charged, it will temporarily return to the normal working state (off/flashing), and the next time the sun appears again, it will re-enter the charging state

6. After the battery is fully charged (the battery voltage is greater than 4.2V after the charging is disconnected), the charging will be disconnected automatically.

7. Solar traffic lights in the working state, lithium battery voltage is lower than 3.6V, there is sunlight charging, enter the charging state. Do not enter the state of power shortage when the battery voltage is lower than 3.5V and do not flash.

In short, solar traffic lights are fully automatic traffic lights for operation and battery charge and discharge management. The entire circuit is housed in a sealed plastic canister, which is waterproof and can work long hours outside.

Post time: Mar-10-2022