Solar traffic lights are the development trend of modern transportation

The solar traffic light consists of solar panel, battery, control system, LED display module and light pole. Solar panel, battery group is the core component of signal light, to provide the normal work of the power supply. The control system has two kinds of wired control and wireless control, LED display component is composed of red, yellow and green three color high brightness LED, lamp pole is generally eight edges or cylinder spray galvanized.

Solar traffic lights is to use high brightness leds materials produced, so the use of life is long, can reach hundreds of hours under the condition of normal use, and the light source brightness is good, and when using can adjust the Angle according to the practical road conditions, so it has the advantage of more. Everyone at the time of use can make full use of its advantages and characteristics of the battery can be charged at any time, so at the end of the charging generally can be used normally after one hundred and seventy hours, and solar traffic lights in the daytime is ready to use solar battery charging, so basic don’t need to worry about the problem of electricity.

Since 2000, it has gradually been widely applied in major developing cities. It can be used at traffic junctions of various highways, and solar traffic lights can also be used in dangerous sections such as curves and Bridges, so as to avoid traffic accidents and accidents.

So solar traffic light is the trend of the development of modern transportation, along with the country to advocate low carbon life, solar traffic lights will be more and more popular, more than ordinary light solar traffic lights with environmental protection, energy-saving, because have electric storage function, do not need to signal cable laid when installation, can effectively avoid the happening of power construction, and so on and so forth. In continuous rain, snow, cloudy conditions, solar lights can ensure about 100 hours of normal work.

Post time: Mar-23-2022