How To Turn Right When The Traffic Signal Is Red


In modern civilized society, traffic lights constrain our travel, it makes our traffic more regulated and safe, but many people are not very clear about the right turn of the red light.Let me tell you about the right turn of the red light.
1.Red light traffic lights are divided into two types, one is full-screen traffic lights, one is arrow traffic lights.
2.If it is a full-screen red light and there are no other auxiliary signs, you can turn right, but the premise is to ensure the safety of vehicles and pedestrians going straight.
3.When encountering the arrow traffic light, when the right turn arrow is red, it cannot turn right.Otherwise, you will be punished according to the red light.You can only turn right when the right turn arrow signal turns red.
4.Generally speaking, in the busy traffic intersection, in order to ensure smooth traffic, some right turn green lights will not light out, but there are exceptions, right turn sometimes encounter red light.
5.Of course, there is also a situation where there is a left-turn traffic signal at the intersection, and there is also a straight-going signal, but there is no right-turn traffic signal.This situation is by default, it can be turned right, and is not controlled by traffic lights.
6.Therefore, in general, at the intersection of traffic lights, as long as there is no special sign indicating that they cannot turn right, they can turn right, but the premise is to ensure the safety of straight-through vehicles and pedestrians.

Post time: Jun-02-2019