Integrated Traffic Light

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Integrated Traffic Light uses ultra-high brightness imported chip lamp beads, with eye-catching color, and it has good visual effect in day or night to ensure the safety of drivers and pedestrians in the meanwhile.

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Integrated Traffic Light

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Integrated Traffic Light is also called "information crosswalk signal lights". It integrates the dual functions of directing traffic and releasing information. It is a brand-new municipal facility based on new technologies. It can carry out relevant publicity for the government, relevant advertisements and The carrier provided by some public welfare information releases. Integrated Traffic Light consists of pedestrian signal lights, LED displays, display control cards, and cabinets. The upper end of this new type of signal light is a traditional traffic light, and the lower end is an LED information display screen, which can be remotely operated to change the displayed content according to the program.

For the government, the new type of signal light can establish an information release platform, enhance the city's brand competitiveness, and save the government's investment in municipal construction; for businesses, it provides a new type of traffic light with low cost, better effect, and wider audience. Advertisement promotion channels; for ordinary citizens, it allows citizens to keep abreast of surrounding shop information, preferential and promotional information, intersection information, weather forecast and other public welfare information, which facilitates citizens' lives.

This integrated traffic light uses the LED information screen as the information release carrier, making full use of the mobile network of the existing operator. Each light is equipped with a set of network port transmission modules to monitor and send data to tens of thousands of terminals across the country. Real-time update realizes timely and remote information release. Using this technology not only improves the convenience of management but also reduces the cost of information replacement.

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Integrated Traffic Lights
Integrated Traffic Light

Product Parameters

Red 80 LEDs Single brightness 3500~5000mcd Wavelength 625±5nm
Green 314 LEDs Single brightness 7000~10000mcd Wavelength 505±5nm
Outdoor red and green dual-color display When the pedestrian light is red, the display will display red, and when the pedestrian light is green, it will display green.
Working environment temperature range -25℃~+60℃    
Humidity range -20%~+95%    
LED average service life ≥100000 hours    
Working voltage AC220V±15% 50Hz±3Hz
Red brightness >1800cd/m2
Red wavelength 625±5nm
Green brightness >3000cd/m2
Green wavelength 520±5nm
Display pixels 32dot (W) * 160dot (H)
Display maximum power consumption ≤180W
Average power ≤80W
Best sight distance 12.5-35 meters
Protection class IP65
Anti-wind speed 40m/s
Cabinet size 3500mm*360mm*220mm

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