Arrow Traffic Signal Light 300mm

Short Description:

1) Traffic Light Composed of super high brightness LED lamp.
2) Low consumption and long lifetime.
3) Control the brightness automatically.
4) Easy installment.
5) LED traffic signal: with high brightness, high penetrating power and showing observably.

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Product Description

Motor vehicle signal lights is designed for car drivers, it is composed of red, yellow, green,three colors,to guide the driver  through the intersection safely.

1.The red light indicates that traffic is prohibited, green light means that traffic is permitted, we can through ,and yellow light is warning.

2.The led chips, resistors, voltage regulators and other components ,are welded on the circuit board ,to make the traffic light work normally.

3.housing material: PC shell andaluminum shell,the aluminum housing is expensive than PC housing,size (100mm, 200mm, 300mm, 400mm)

4.Working voltage: AC220V

5.LED chip using Taiwan Epistar chips,Light source service life

6.50000 hours,Light angle: 30 degrees

7.Visual distance ≥300m

8.Protection level: IP54

9.Installation method: horizontal or vertical install.


The arrow signal light can generally be set as a triple light, which is a combination of red arrow light, yellow arrow light, and green arrow light. The power of each light-emitting unit is generally not more than 15W.DSC_3257

Company Qualification

Company Qualification

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Q1:What's your warranty policy?

All of our traffic light warranty is 2 years.Controller system warranty is 5 year.

Q2:Can I print my own brand logo on your product?

OEM orders are highly welcome.Please send us the details of your logo color,logo position,user manual and box design (if you have) before you send us inquiry.In this way we can offer you most accurate answer at the first time.

Q3:Are you products certified?

CE,RoHS,ISO9001:2008 and EN 12368 standards.

Q4:What is Ingress Protection grade of your signals?

All traffic light sets are IP54 and LED modules are IP65.Traffic countdown signals in cold-rolled iron are IP54.

Q5: Which size do you have ?

100mm,  200mm or 300mm with 400mm

Q6:What kind of lens design do you have?

Clear lens, High flux and Cobweb lens

Q7: What kind of working voltage?

85-265VAC,  42VAC,  12/24VDC or customized

Our Service

1.For all your inquires we will reply you in detail within 12 hours.

2.Well-trained and experienced staffs to answer your inquires in fluent English.

3.We offer OEM services.

4.Free design according to your needs.

5.Free replacement within the warranty period-free shipping!

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