What are the system characteristics of LED traffic lights?

LED traffic lights because of the use of LED as a light source, compared with the traditional light has the advantages of low power consumption and energy saving. So what are the system characteristics of LED traffic lights?

1. LED traffic lights are powered by batteries, so they do not need to be supplied with mains electricity, and energy saving has good social benefits.

2.Between each group of lights without cable connection, that is, no need to break the road or overhead line, the device is very simple, time saving, labor saving and cost saving and protection is also very convenient.

3. In the continuous cloudy and rainy days can also be continuous operation for more than 20 days, if the device is correct and even 365 days a year non-stop operation (in case of special circumstances can also take the initiative to yellow flash operation).

4. LED traffic light control device has reliability and operation interface is simple, complete function.

5. The hardware design of the adaptive traffic signal control system is based on the traffic control theory. Part of the algorithm used in the design process and the smooth transition algorithm when the plan is switched, so it runs well in the field and achieves good control effect.

6. The influence of left-turn vehicles on full flow rate is analyzed and the new signal timing plan is calculated by Using Webster method. Therefore, the left-turn delay and total intersection delay of the new timing plan are reduced compared with the original plan.

LED traffic lights are composed of a plurality of LED lights, so the design of picture lights can be adjusted to the LED layout, so that it can form a variety of pictures and make a variety of colors into one, so that the same light body space can be endowed with more traffic information, configure more traffic plans. It can also form dynamic picture signals by switching LED in different parts of the picture so as to make the rigid traffic signals more humanized and vivid, which are difficult to be realized by traditional light sources.



Post time: Apr-15-2022